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* kitchen closes 2 hours before closing time.

* baked goods are available all day.

* breakfast tacos Monday - Tuesday's

* waffles Friday and Saturday's


Global Peace Factory strives to expand and stay a Boutique Coffee House where we originated in Frisco, TX. Using the finest beans across the globe with a 1949 wood-fire roaster from Naples, Italy.

Our trust in partners begins in our roaster. Known for expertise and quality, Caffé Darte is one of few roasters devoted to the art of the “Post-Blending” technique. Each single origin coffee is profiled and roasted separately to extract the origin’s unique flavor. The art of blending is the final stage; the knowledge of how each bean origin will perform as espresso or brewed coffee requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. This is why Global Peace Factory is determined to work with a team of coffee professionals meticulously whose job is to perfect each blend of the highest quality standards, with a relentless focus on the best-tasting coffees in the world.


1949 Balestra Roaster
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Never processed or pasteurized in any way nor contaminated by pesticides or chemicals, each hand-pressed bottle of Buda Juice® is full of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and raw energy just as nature intended. But more than that, Buda Juice® is a mindset, a way to re-set, energize and Restore Body & Soul®. Find your Juice here at Global Peace Factory!

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We have a good selection of bottled and crafted refreshers for the whole family.



Everything from pastries, breakfast sandwiches, cookies, waffles and paninis. We promise there's something for everyone.


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1377 Legacy Dr, Ste 100
Frisco, TX 75034